Research Laboratory Equipment
And Consumables

Research Laboratory Equipment And Consumables

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About Our Company

Kortix-Scientific is an established leader in the wholesale distribution of analytical and research laboratory equipment and consumables.

The company's primary focus is to provide outstanding service to its clients, maintain cordial relationships with its suppliers, and ensure that its employees are respected and valued.

Kortix Scientific is proud to represent some of the most prominent and respected brands in the industry, bringing a wide range of high-quality products to its customers. With a commitment to excellence and a dedication to customer satisfaction, Kortix Scientific has earned a reputation as a trusted and reliable provider in the laboratory equipment market.

Whether you are looking for cutting-edge technology or reliable consumables, we are here to help.

Lab Supplies

Tools for accurate testing and research experimentation in labs:

Baths, Centrifuges, Hot plates, Incubators, Ovens, Shakers, Stirrers, Balances, Ovens, Desiccators, Burrets, Evaporators, Refrigerators, etc.

Spectrophotometers, Photometers, Turbidimeters, Ph meters, Conductivity meters, Humidity Analyzers, Density meters, etc

Daihan, Hanna Instruments, Thermo Scientific, IKA, Lovibond

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